About the Journal

The WAIMM Journal of Earth Resources Engineering is a publication of the West African Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (WAIMM). The WAIMM Journal is an on-line library of technical papers and research findings designed purposely to provide WAIMM members and the mining, petroleum and other natural resources industry professionals the opportunity to utilize such research findings in furthering their research or conducting their operations.

Members can access all our industry-related on-line journals free of charge and also submit papers and articles for onward publication in subsequent issues at subsidized rates.

The Journal is published two times each year and consists of comprehensive news from exploration, research and development, resource, mining and development, production, oil & gas well appraisal, oil field development, and technological developments in the mining and petroleum sectors.

The contents of the WAIMM Journal of Earth Resources Engineering (WAIMM Journal) will promote education, research, creativity, and scholarship as a leading refereed publication in earth resources engineering and science.