Editorial Board

Editorial Decisions and Interactions with Authors

1.1 Editorial Decisions: The WAIMM Journal editorial board commits to upholding strict quality standards and criteria, as set forth in the WAIMM Journal ethics and compliance guidelines, for all manuscripts submitted by authors. Manuscripts that meet these criteria will be accepted, while those that do not meet the criteria will be rejected. Editors and reviewers will perform thorough checks and reviews on submitted manuscripts and editorial decisions will be based primarily on the value and validity of the work presented. Editorial decisions on acceptance or rejection will be made by the assigned editors and chief editor, and such decisions will be preceded by a careful consideration of the reviewers’ feedback as well as their own assessment of the manuscript. Editorial decisions will be communicated to the respective author in a formal letter and will be accompanied by the reviewers’ feedback as well as any other stipulations from the office of the WAIMM Journal.

1.2 Interactions with Authors: The assigned editors and chief editor will interact with and encourage authors to submit manuscripts and will set up a reputable panel of expert reviewers. The assigned editors will also be responsible for providing constructive feedback to reviewers when required, as well as to authors. The editors’ interactions with authors may include, inter alia, responding to queries from authors and providing editorial decisions of acceptance or rejection to the authors.

2.0 Journal Publications

The journal publication shall be the responsibility of the Editorial Board. The Board shall ensure that all requirements are met for publication. The Editorial Manager shall be responsible for working with the selected publisher for meeting the standards for publication. The Editorial Board shall thoroughly review all draft scripts for editorial errors. The Board shall ensure that all the accepted scripts represent the submitted original manuscripts. Where in doubt, it shall quickly check with the authors before publication. The Editor-In-Chief shall conduct a final review and give the approval for publication. The Editorial Board shall also be responsible for dealing with post-publication reactions to any published manuscript.